Eircell Messenger – Ireland, Nov 2000

Followap and Eircell join forces to offer world’s first Instant Messenger services to mobile customers

Followap’s iFollow product to be branded by Eircell as ‘e-merge messenger’-

London, November 23, 2000 – An agreement was signed today by Followap Inc., the pioneer in Mobile Instant Messaging for the telecom industry, and Eircell, Ireland’s leading mobile phone operator, to offer instant messaging services to Eircell customers. Followap’s iFollow will be branded by Eircell as ‘e-merge messenger,’ and is the first and only instant messenger product available to Eircell’s customers.

iFollow is a powerful, bi-directional instant messenger that connects mobile and PC users, creating user communities, enabling their members to view each other’s presence and location through all mobile and fixed devices. ‘e-merge messenger’ allows instant messaging via WAP & www and provides seamless interoperability with all other popular Internet instant messengers.
Eircell holds the majority of the mobile communications market share in Ireland with a customer base of more than 1 million. ‘e-merge messenger’ opens up a new way for its customers to communicate with each other.

For the first time, they will be able to send instant text messaging to and from a WAP phone or PC, allowing people to exchange messages immediately, regardless of physical boundaries. Eircell customers will be able to sign up for e-merge messenger through the e-merge portal, accessible via www.e-merge.ie.

“This partnership is a significant move forwards for Followap,” said Ronnie Preiskel, Director of Business Development for Followap. “Instant messaging is set to become one of the most popular wireless services and Eircell’s endorsement of iFollow is a true testament to the high quality of our product.”

“iFollow is a powerful instant messenger and was selected by Eircell because of its advanced functionality and ease of use,” said Kieran Mahon, Media Development Manager for Eircell.
“Our partnership with Followap allows us to deliver the world’s first mobile instant messaging service to our customers and we are in no doubt that it will offer them real value.”
Eircell is scheduled to launch e-merge messenger in early-December. WAP use for its customers will be billed at WAP per minute rates and HTML use is free.

About Followap
Followap Inc. is a rapidly growing company which designs, develops, manufactures and markets mobile instant messaging and messaging platforms for the telecoms industry. Followap develops telecom grade products, highly scalable and reliable, which incorporate network management, billing and customer relations mechanisms. Followap also offers full customisation and integration services, making its telecom platforms a turnkey solution. Followap’s platforms are installed at several leading mobile operators, and are to be officially launched in the coming weeks.

Visit Followap’s web site at: www.Followap.com. Followap is a member
of the WAP forum and a co-sponsor of the WAP congress 2000 in Seville, November 27-30, 2000. Come visit us at booth #31.

About Eircell
Eircell is Ireland’s leading mobile phone operator with over 1 million customers and carrying some million conversations a day. The company employs in excess of 1000 people and invests 5 million Euros per month in infrastructure and customer care. Eircell has pioneered several new technologies in Ireland, including pre-paid WAP, e-merge, the company’s mobile Internet service, and HSCSD – the first high-speed data service available to mobile customers in Ireland.